Thursday, September 22, 2016

Episode 7: Zatoichi and the Chest of Gold (1964)

We are back after a week delay with Episode 7: Zatoichi and the Chest of Gold from 1964. This film follows our hero as he hunts for the thieves of a village's 1000 ryo chest of gold, a crime that Ichi has found himself accused of.

Directed by Kazuo Ikehiro  (Also directed 2 other Zatoichi films, Flashing Sword (movie 7) and Pilgrimage (movie 14) and starring, of course, Shintaro Katsu. We also see the return of Shintaro's in real life older brother Tomisaburo Wakayama as Jushiro, the dangerous ronin who Ichi finds himself face to face with. The big stand out technical crew of this film is Kazou Miyagawa who did work on Rashomon (one of my favorite movies) and Yojimbo. He would be involved with six more Zatoichi films.

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