Friday, June 24, 2016

Thanks Everyone

We released our first episode on Wednesday and already the feedback and attention the show has gotten has been tremendously positive. A big thanks to our Podcast bros over at Junk Food Dinner and Jason's home podcast Pool Party Radio for plugging us on their Facebook pages as well as The Criterion Completion Facebook group for allowing a plug for the show on their page. 

This podcast is a big deal to myself and my co-host because it's an exercise in critically understanding the significance of film and how these characters such as Zatoichi become their own modern legends. As I mentioned in our first episode, I personally have little understanding as to what makes Zatoichi who he is but the legend of the blind swordsmen has sat in the back of my mind for over a decade, constantly coming up in comparisons to other heroes that I'm familiar with and I've only experienced his story for about an hour and thirty minutes when I was 16.

 One day while I was in a Barnes and Noble, I noticed a boxset sitting behind a counter and thought to myself "hell yeah, I'm in" and plopped down the $180 for something that would remain on my shelf unopened for an unjust amount of time. So why start a podcast entirely around a single subject that I barely know anything about? Well, why not? Through this show we get to explore an entire legacy of not only one of the most famous and long running Japanese characters but we get to sit down and explore what makes these films timeless with completely fresh eyes. 

This coming week we will be releasing our second episode and our first exploration into the Zatoichi series, The Tale of Zatoichi from 1962. The IMDB synopsis reads as follows

The adventures of a blind, gambling masseur who also happens to be a master swordsman.

 Simple and to the point, basically all you need to pull you into the adventure

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And check back with us on Thursday, June 30th for Episode 2 

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