Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Who we are

The Blind Podsmen podcast is dedicated to all things Zatoichi. The legendary blind swordsman in the hit film and TV series and one of the most iconic characters in Japanese pop culture history. While the Zatoichi franchise was wildly successful in Japan, it doesn't hold much of a presence in the American mainstream, though film enthusiast around the world are more than familiar with our hero. On this podcast, we will do a retrospective on all 25 original Zatoichi films as well as the 1989 conclusion to the series, produced 16 years after the conclusion of the 25th film in the series, Zatoichi's Conspiracy (1973).

But that's not all, we are also going to cover a number of spin offs including Takeshi Kitano's take on the character in Zatoichi (2003), the story of a blind female musician who is also a skilled sword fighter in Ichi (2008) and the more recent Zatoichi: The Last from 2010. We might also try to fight Blind Fury, a remake of the 17th film in the franchise, Zatoichi Challanged, starring Rutger Hauer from 1990.

Your host for this journey are Jason Frisbie from the Pool Party Radio podcast as well as Patrick Manfredi from the Banshee Jam podcast.

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